(MANSFIELD) Central Processing Facilitator, Mansfield School District Food Service Department (PT, Temporary)

Central Processing Facilitator
Position: Part-time, 760 hours of total work July through December 2018
Salary: $15/hr

The Mansfield Board of Education, with the help of the Food Service Department and several community members, were awarded a farm viability grant by the CT Department of Agriculture. The grant outlines a start-up project that will allow for central processing of local produce to be used and served to students throughout the school year, not just when items are in season. The operation will be set-up in the Mansfield Middle School kitchen where a blast chiller and vacuum sealer will be installed.

The Food Service Director has contracted with farms to grow the following with delivery tentatively starting the first week of July: Green beans, beets, kale, spinach, zucchini, and yellow squash. Other vegetables that will be procured are butternut squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and head lettuce.

Ideal Candidate Will:
 Have an energetic and outgoing personality
 Possess strong organization skills
 Be able to work independently
 Assist the food service director in establishing processes and procedures for produce and food processing.
 Assist the food service director in compiling standardized recipes
 Possess strong knife skills
 Have experience prepping raw vegetables
 Have experience using different cooking techniques including but not limited to: Blanching and steaming.
 Have experience using kitchen equipment including but not limited to: Blast chiller, steamer, steam jacket kettle, vacuum sealer, and food processor
 Be able to troubleshoot when equipment or facilities are not properly functioning
 Be understanding of food safety concepts and the flow of food in a kitchen environment
 Be able to carry, move and stock food, supplies and equipment weighing up to 40 lbs.

Preferred Qualifications:
 1 year experience or more directly preforming the above mentioned tasks
 Servsafe Certification or equivalency
 Experience using Microsoft Office
 Preference given to candidates who have completed culinary class(es), certificate, or degree

For more information, reach out to Stephanie Richard – RichardSA@mansfieldct.org