Food Policy Councils of Connecticut Collaborative

The CFSA is a statewide network of varied collaborators coming together to create a more just and equitable food system that is dedicated to fostering greater connectivity throughout Connecticut.  CFSA intends to improve the food system by coordinating activity between state and local food councils which represent almost 20% of CT’s population as represented by Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy, New London County Food Policy Council, New Haven Food Policy Council, and Bridgeport Food Police Council.  We hope to 1) increase food council effectiveness and intersection of knowledge and 2) identify areas of shared interest for council alignment in order to create joint action plans and agendas.  The CFSA has formed the Food Policy Councils of Connecticut Collaborative initiative with at least one council member from each group to act as delegate.  

Meetings regularly occur monthly as conference calls.  To learn more, contact Meg Hourigan, CFSA Coordinator at 

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