Youth Food Program Alliance (YFPA)

The Youth Food Program Alliance (YFPA)

Originally a sub-network of the CFSA, the YFPA boasts a member roster of organizations and programs from across CT, all working with youth to shape the conversation about food access, quality, and disparity in our state. From urban agriculture programs to church youth groups, the YFPA seeks to support youth leadership through the collaboration of youth-serving organizations in order to create a sustainable and more youth-determined pathway for youth voice in food justice work throughout CT. Core members of the YFPA who often take on the additional duties of structuring, planning, and coordinating youth opportunities include such organizations as FRESH New London, Grow Hartford, ROOTS New Britain, GROW Windham, The Institute for Community Research, Common Ground High School, and GVI Bridgeport.

In the recent past, the YFPA assisted NESAWG in planning and conducting their first youth track at the annual It Takes a Region conference, held in November 2016 in Hartford. Youth from YFPA-member programs and youth programs from other states created and facilitated workshops for the sustainable agriculture conference with such success that other food justice conferences, such as Just Food in NYC, now feature youth tracks. In the summer months, members of the YFPA will host an event in Bridgeport to bring participants together and connect the work they do in their programs to careers they may not have previously considered, focused on improving the food system for all people. For more information, please contact Kathy Engle-Dulac at