CFSA Steering Committee

Do you want to make an impact in your community? Are you passionate about creating a more accessible, equitable food system in Connecticut? The CFSA steering committee could be the perfect place to start!

Who We Are

The Connecticut Food System Alliance (CFSA) is a statewide network of individuals, organizations, and institutions working to create a more just and equitable food system. The CFSA is dedicated to fostering greater connectivity throughout the state in an effort to affect broad systems change. We aim to facilitate collaborations and the sharing of information, skills, and resources. We invite YOU (or your nominee) to join us in our effort to build a food system in which everyone has access to healthy, affordable, ethical, and sustainable food.

Meet the Current Steering Committee:
Cara Mitchell, Food Policy Manager at United Way of Western Connecticut
Latha Swamy, Director of Food System Policy at the City of New Haven
Martha Page, Executive Director of Hartford Food System
Miranda Muro, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Foodshare
Peggy Zamore, Director/Nutritionist of Danbury Farmers’ Market Community Collaborative

About The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is dedicated to organizing and coordinating the network community in its desire to find connectivity, build alignment, and move toward collective action.  Steering Committee members also serve as co-chairs of the CFSA sub-networks.  The Steering Committee began in 2012 and continues to evolve as the network grows and changes.

The CFSA is seeking dynamic, passionate individuals who can commit several hours per month to the development of the CFSA, which includes: organizing sub-networks, planning gatherings, developing materials and a strategic plan for the CFSA, and engaging newcomers with this work. New Steering Committee members will have considerable influence in determining the direction and future activities of the Connecticut Food System Alliance.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Steering Committee is open to anyone who wants to actively provide leadership support to help the CFSA achieve its vision. Those who wish to serve on the Steering Committee make a minimum 1 year commitment. Members of the Steering Committee team take responsibility for the following:

  1. The Steering Committee (SC) meets virtually (or in person) a minimum of 9 times per year. Each call or meeting generally lasts for 1.5 hours. Estimated time commitment:  13.5 hours per year.
  2. All SC members contribute to SC meeting agendas prior to meetings through a Google Doc prepared by the Coordinator.  Design and facilitation of each monthly meeting is shared with the Coordinator and a rotating SC member. This rotating SC meeting leader is decided at the end of the previous meeting. The Coordinator is responsible for taking and distributing meeting minutes. Estimated Time Commitment:  2-4 hours per year
  3. The SC in partnership with the Coordinator organize 2-3 CFSA gatherings per year.  Estimated Time Commitment:  20 hours per year (above and beyond regular meetings). Support includes:
  • Setting the date
  • Securing a location that rotates around the state (or coordinating virtual meeting links)
  • Collaboratively designing the agenda, often led by the Coordinator and an agenda sub-committee of the SC
  • Publicizing the gathering and making select invitations to special guests, as needed
  • Assisting with gathering logistics if needed
  • Facilitating portions of the gathering
  • Performing an evaluation of the gathering
  • Debriefing and documenting outcomes of gathering
  1. Individual members of the SC take responsibility for participating in/leading Sub-Network activities and reporting on progress/issues to the full SC at regular meetings. Estimated Time Commitment: 10 hours per year
  2. SC members commit to attend an annual day-long planning retreat to assess the work of the last year and plan forward for the following. Estimated Time Commitment: 8 hours per year
  3. The SC is responsible for ensuring the CFSA has the resources and support it needs to continue its work. Support may come in the form of volunteer efforts and raising funds to pay for staff support, gatherings, and other expenses. Estimated Time Commitment: 10 hours per year
  4. SC members, as needed and appointed by the SC as a whole, serve as representatives of the CFSA in meetings and shared work with groups such as the Governor’s Council on Agricultural Development, the CT Department of Agriculture, the CT Food Policy Council, Food Solutions New England, and other organizational partners.
  5. The SC holds the future of CFSA in its hands, including the ability of CFSA to achieve its mission and vision through a well-functioning, deeply-engaged network of food system leaders.

Total Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 66 hours

If you are interested in nominating someone to become a CFSA Steering Committee member or are interested becoming a part of the CFSA Steering Committee yourself, please click the button to complete the form. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently not accepting applications to join the Steering Committee.

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