Image Description: close up shot of hands at a farmers market. A person in green sleeves is exchanging tokens with the farmer. Zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes can be seen in the background. IMAGE CREDIT: Joey Abad.

Together we can build a better food system

2023 Legislative Session

Graphic shows a search bar titled "CT legislative session checklist" with the items "know my legislators and how to contact them"; "get bill updates from CFSA"; "advocate for a just, sustainable food system"; and "encourage friends and family to be food advocates" on a light green background. The background image is soil and a green seedling.

Connecticut Food System Alliance is committed to changing the food system to benefit the three E’s:

Equity – everyone has access to safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food

Environment – stewardship of soil, water, air and energy resources is institutionalized as an integral part of the food system

Economy – the food supply chain supports many vibrant and varied small businesses that provide sustainable livelihoods

Alliance Initiatives 

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