What’s Connecticut’s food system look like?

To change the food system, we have to understand the current status. Data about Connecticut’s food system reveal that access to food is disproportionately lower for communities of color, and that while farms tend to be small, a handful of very large farms make up the majority of agricultural production. Scroll on to learn more,Continue reading “What’s Connecticut’s food system look like?”

CFSA Mini-Grant Spotlight: Grow Windham Know Your Farmer Fair

In March, the Connecticut Food System Alliance awarded  Grow Windham with a mini-grant to launch a “Know Your Farmer Fair” in Windham, CT. This was the launch event for the “Windham Grown Network,” a group of local farmers and producers looking to expand market opportunities by connecting with merchants, restaurants, processors, individual consumers, and institutional foodContinue reading “CFSA Mini-Grant Spotlight: Grow Windham Know Your Farmer Fair”

Food Justice and the Labor Movement

Connecticut Food System Leaders and Friends, This Thursday, May 26, from 2 to 7 pm at Connecticut College is the Connecticut Food System Alliance’s Spring Gathering – Food Justice and the Labor Movement. Thank you to those who have already RSVP’ed! If you haven’t already, you can RSVP here, or RSVP on Facebook. Please be sureContinue reading “Food Justice and the Labor Movement”

Food Justice and the Labor Movement: Spring 2016 Gathering

Join us on May 26, from 2 to 7 pm at Connecticut College in New London for our spring gathering. The theme is “Food Justice and the Labor Movement,” intended to educate food justice advocates about the labor movement and to connect labor organizers to food justice advocates.   Agenda: 1:30 – 2:00 pm. Sign-in and registration 2:00Continue reading “Food Justice and the Labor Movement: Spring 2016 Gathering”

New Haven Summer Meals

Summer vacation is usually an exciting time for children. They get to lose the stresses and responsibilities of homework, tests and getting up early. Unfortunately, for too many children in Connecticut, this also means losing one of the best sources of consistent nutritional meals. The Summer Meals program run by New Haven Public Schools attemptsContinue reading “New Haven Summer Meals”


Values: O JUSTICE: Inclusiveness, diversity, collaboration, shared responsibility, ability for all to choose healthy food, equity and fairness O  HEALTH: Healthy people, healthy planet, healthy economy, healthy community. O KNOWLEDGE: Information, awareness, empowerment, self- advocacy, inspiration, transformation. O INTEGRITY: Accountability, openness, transparency, honesty, facts, space for complexity, sustainability, engagement, adaptability. O COURAGE: Fearless leaning into complexity,Continue reading “Values”


Vision: We envision a Connecticut where everyone has access to safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food; where the food supply chain supports many vibrant and varied small businesses that provide sustainable livelihoods; where there is broad public awareness and passionate public support of a robust local food system; and where stewardship of soil, water,Continue reading “Vision”